Queen Mother & George VI hand signed Xmas Card 1947
and their Playing Cards

We try and steer away from the word ‘unique’ but I do not think you will see this offer in any shop or website anywhere in the world

It consists of a bi-fold card with the front of the card exhibiting the Imperial State Crown in gilt relief.

The reverse has the manufacturers imprint, the famous Raphael Tuck. 

The inside reveals an informal photograph of the Royal Family for Xmas 1947.
Gathered round the piano are the Late Queen Mother [ Queen Elizabeth ], the Late King George VI, the late Princess Margaret and the present Queen, Elizabeth II.

With Best Wishes for
Christmas and the New Year
[ Handwritten ] 1947
Hand Written Signatures.

George R.I. [ and ] Elizabeth R

The other inside page shows the 1947 Xmas Greeting with the hand signature of the King and Queen. The card is in fine condition.

Together with this very early Xmas Card are two packs of mint playing cards
[ 52 plus Joker for each ]
each pack bears a Royal Cipher, one for the King and one for the Queen.

These are standard bridge size cards and were printed for exclusive use of the Royal Family at the various Royal Households or whilst travelling. 

REF: MRO0842_008