Established 1764

Half Guinea – Ivory
26mm c1820 – Ref: 052

One Guinea – Ivory
26mm c1820


Founded 1764 by William Almack in Pall Mall
In 1778 moved to 60 St James St Piccadilly.
Manager William Brooks wine merchant and money lender.
Reputation for Heavy Gambling
Members were famous in the arts. politics and nobility

One Guinea – White Metal
26mm c1830


One Guinea – Copper
26mm c1830


A gentleman's gambling debts were "debts of honour" to be paid before debts to shopkeepers or tailors and such

Five Guineas – Ivory
39mm c1820


Ten Guineas – Red Stained Ivory
39mm c1820


Twenty Five Guineas
Black Stained Ivory
39mm c1820


Fifty Guineas Green Stained Ivory with lunate notch c 1820


One Hundred  Guineas – Ivory
38mm Square c1820