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The English Playing Card Society was founded in 1984 on a non profit-making basis by Peter Way and Major R.T. ‘Donald’ Welsh.

The website gives all the background and the advantages of joining.

The International Playing Card Society.

A quality site offering a sound insight into the subject – lots of depth.

The World Of Playing Cards.

This is the BEST Playing Card site on the Web for information and research.

Simon Wintle has built a repository of information that will delight the beginner and satisfy the enthusiast 

Plain Backs

All you EVER wanted to know about 


and MORE – If you have the remotest interest in English Cards – this site is a MUST

IVORY - innovators in cards and games

“We specialise in customising top quality card decks from 1 pack upwards.. Whether you’re looking to promote your business, make a training deck or have an idea for a brand new card game, you require a single pack or 1000s, here at Ivory we just love making cards.

Giochi dell'Oca e di percorso

If you are interested in BOARD GAMES then YOU MUST visit this site – a fine repository of images and information.

Philippe Bodard "L'esprit du Whist"

For Whist lovers you must read the latest book by Philippe Bodard “L’esprit du Whist”
A compilation of 200 stories from and about the greatest Whist players of the 18th and 19th Century.

Card Game Rule Booklets and other interesting items

An excellent blog on the subject covering those published by Charles Goodall & Son during the period 1868 to 1922 – well worth a visit.

Hoyle - all you ever wanted to know

A man, who in 1742, published his “Short Treatise on Whist” and wrote his name in the annuals of games being probably more quoted than any other person, except for those talking on spiritual matters, for “According to Hoyle” entered the language shortly after his publication and had endured until today.

If you wish to know more about this fascinating man then you MUST read David Levy’s website that provides valuable links to other articles and research by the author and others.


A collector of German Playing Cards 
here shares some of his collection with you

He is also a proliferate writer on the subject and his books stand testimony to his passion and his knowledge 
– an enjoyable site to visit 



Got a question about Playing Cards? Try this Link there is a lot of info there.

Taxes and Tax Stamps on Playing-cards.

pecializing in German Playing Cards but with a strong grounding on this subject for a wealth of other Countries – Peter Endebrock leads the way.

52 plus Joker

The American Antique Deck Collectors Club

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