Tarocco Vedute E Mestieri Di Milano

This Handcrafted, Limited Edition, Reproduction of the 1820 Tarocco Vedute E Mestieri Di Milano [ Taror View’s and Trades of Milan ] is presented in an excellent two part box, bearing the Seal of Quality that is IL MENEGHELLO.


Female Oracle - a limited edition of tasteful vintage nude ladies

A set of 32 vintage reproductions of original photographs depicting the female body in a tasteful manner.
A few scanned to give you a flavour.
Presented with a number title card housed in a lift off plastic box.


1791 The Royal Genealogical Pastime of the Sovereigns of England - a game

The Utilities of the Game state “this being a scientific game, in which the amusement and Instruction of the parties are equally considered….this, while it will amuse, will not a little contribute to make the Players acquainted with the Genealogy of their own King”. 


1791 - The Art of Making Money Plenty.(Franklin, Benjamin (1703-1790))

 A dissected Rebus puzzle – John Wallis

c1794 - The Game of Human Life - E Newbery & J Wallis

One of the first games that was not totally an educational game.
The introduction states 
“If parents who take upon themselves the pleasing task of instructing their children (or others to whom that important trust may be delegated) will cause them to stop at each character and request their attention to a few moral and judicious observations, explanatory of each character as they proceed and contrast the happiness of a virtuous and well spent life with the fatal consequences arising from vicious and immoral pursuits, this game may be rendered the most useful and amusing of any that has hitherto been offered to the public”

Wallis's New Geographical Game Exhibiting a Voyage Round the World 1796

A New Geographical Pastime. 
Published Jan 20th 1796. by John Wallis at his Map Warehouse No 16 Ludgate Street

History Made Easy - c1840

Short Description
This version of the game “Fourth Edition – with Improvement and Additions list the monaches up to and including Victoria. Albert is the last consort – so produced in 1840 or later

The sheet has Genealogy from Egbert to Harold on panel on one side, the centre circle covers the Genealogy from William I to Victoria. 
Each monarch being described by a four line poem which is aimed to help remember the important events in their reign
In fourteen hundred and thirteen, view!
Henry the Fifth of Kings the pride
The bravest Chief for near ten years
That e’er sustain’d war’s raging tides 

C1860s Betts Multiplication

Short Description
Multiplication Table in Rhyme, Part 1 – “being the first half of the table consisting of 96 cards forming 48 illustrations” In Original Wooden Box with a picture of two cards on the front.  ….

c1869 - Stevens Patent Liberty Card Game

Short Description
Stevens Patent Liberty Card Game – 1869
These cards were produced for John Stevens (1803-1883), the founder of the city of Mount Vernon, New York, who holds a patent for the game. He apparently gave them to friends, and sold very few, and the cards were used at card parties held at his house. A May 7th, 1870 issue of The Chronicle of Mount Vernon gives an account of the games being played at a “card party” at the house…….

Two interesting board games

Short Description
1920 Spears – Fightng The Fire 
Designed in England / manufactured in Brimsdown 

c1930s Ambushed – Chad Valley –
his is a game between a Walker and 6 Robbers – often played with just two players
The aim is for the robbers to trap the walker – or the walker to reach the top of the board.

20th Century Japanese Hanafuda Playing Cards

A selection of Mint Hanafuda Playing Cards – follow link and scroll down.

A Unique complete set of 18th Century playing cards by Christopher Groser  

Three sets are known by this maker – this is the only complete one and has uniform, non-mixed, courts.

The Duty Ace of Spades tells us it was registered between 1789 and 1801.

Indian Playing Cards

Ganjifa Indian Playing Cards - Unusual French Suited

Standard French Suited Playing cards – Four suits of 13 cards. These were made for the export markets.

Presented in a wooden box – painted on all six sides – sliding lid to cards.

1818 Ackermann's Changeable Gentlemen

c1880 - Dutch Loto Game

An elegant twist on an old game - Dominoes 1860 Architectural Dominoes

c1824 - The Destruction Of Jerusalem

A great 19th Century Cricket Game betwee the
Professionals and The Gentlemen

Two Complete Sets of Indian Circular Playing Cards

c Third Quarter of the 20th Century.

They are hand painted on paper mache with a Laquered finish.

One set is 96 cards [ 8 sets of 12 cards ]
and the other set is 336 cards [ 28 suits of 12 cards each ]


Two New Glamour Packs added to the website


Wolf Pack – Tasteful Glamour Playing Cards


A Selection of well reproduced packs generally only viewable in a Museum


Kartenspiel des Meisters PW – Reproduction.

The copperplate Playing Cards engraved by IMF from 1617

Das Kartenspiel des Oberdeutschen Stechers

Ancient God Playing Cards – reproductions.

A Pack of Cards by Jost Amman

The Stuttgart Playing Cards

Follow Link and Scroll Down


Reproduction of 1807 Cotta Transformation Playing cards

A fine reproduction of the 1807 issue by Cotta of Transformation Playing cards.


1870 Frommann and Bunte - Transformation Deck.

This is the first edition of a pack issued c1870 in Darmstadt, Germany.
The packs contains 10 original designs, 19 appeared earlier in a pack by Braun & Schneider c1852 and 23 from Grimard’s Jeanne l’Hachette pack in c1865


Queen Mother & George VI hand signed Xmas Card 1947
and their Playing Cards

Short Description
The inside reveals an informal photograph of the Royal Family for Xmas 1947. 
Gathered round the piano are the Late Queen Mother [ Queen Elizabeth ], the Late King George VI, the late Princess Margaret and the present Queen, Elizabeth II.

VICTORY Playing Cards by Mesmaekers Freres

Short Description:

Made by Mesmaekers Freres S.A. in Turnout, Belgium.

Celebration of the Victory of the Allies over germany and it’s allies -1945

A selection of Mother of Pearl Gaming Counter

Early Canton Hand Crafted Mother of Pearl Gaming Counter

Link takes you to the start of new counters

Elaine Lewis 2012 Transformation Playing Cards London Olympics

Short Description:

Marking a major sporting event in the UK, 2012 Olympics, Elaine has created a set of field, athletics, pool and cyling event Playing Cards covering the sporting event of 2012.


1969 Salvador Dali, original designs by the artist.

Short Description:
Pack of 52 cards plus two Jokers plus title card plus blank card.

Tarot Playing Cards published 2005 by Elaine Lewis

Short Description:
Hand made playing cards consisting of 22 cards [ 0 to XXI ] plus title card showing this to be pack number 26 of a limited edition of 30.


Short Description:


Totally original designs for a transformation deck, hand crafted limited edition, number 53 /72, signed by the artist on the title and in gold ink on the inside base of the box.


Cricket Playing Cards 1934 Test Match

Short Description:

Double Commemorate Box with two packs of Playing Cards

celebrating the 5 Day Test Match by Austrlia.


Karl Gerich hand made playing cards 1988

Short Description:

Victoria Playing Cards – No: 29. Designer Georgina Harvey – her first.

Double ended courts show men and women working at various tasks.

1924 Electric Mah Jong - De La Rue

Short Description
C1924 Electric Mah Jong – De La Rue – This was printed for Western Electricity Company for the 1924 British Empire Exhibition.

1915 - The Strand War Game

This is a board game created by The Strand Magazine during WWI.
Described as a combination of draughts, chess and war, it is played by two opponents, representing the Allies and the Germans, over a map of actual territory of the war – January 1915.
The Advertisement (copy incuded with the game) for this explains
“The pieces consists of three kinds Infantry, Calvalry & Artillery each with their seperate moves and possiilities…

c1828/1829 Imperial Royal Playing Cards - near mint

Short Description
A complete set of 52 cards portraying single-figure non-standard court cards and ‘fancy’ aces.

Court card portray historical figures of France, England, Spain and Turkey.
These were published by S & J Fuller at the Temple of Fancy, 34 Rathborne Place, London – Fuller produced Transformation playing cards in the earlier part of the century.

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