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Here you will find antique playing cards, some very rare, and some more modern ones which we think are interesting. Along with these is a vast selection of table top games, either played with cards or on boards or a combination of both.

We don't have the oldest playing cards known but we do have some superb examples of 17th century ones - we are sure you will enjoy browsing even if you don't intend to buy.

Our range of playing cards makers includes, John Lenthal, Charles Goodall, Thomas de la Rue, Blanchard, Gibson, Gisbon & Gisborne, Henry Hart, McEvoy, Llewellyn, Hardy, Brotherton, Hunt, French, Hardy, Wheeler, Reynolds, Groser, Stopforth, Fuller, Stone, Creswick, Wooley, English, Whitaker & Willis,

Our linen backed games represent some of the outstanding products of the Georgian period.
Table games were made for amusement and learning which you will see reflected in the items on this site
They cover Cricket, Sailing, Football and Motor Racing. Astronomy and Royalty were popular subjects along with War Games and Music Games.

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Games makers include John Wallis, William Darton, D Carvalho, Newbury, Jefferys, Myers, Ogilvy, Spooner, John Betts, Peter Parley, Reeves, Jaques and Spears.

We also have sections on Gaming Counters, Mother of Pearl and Metal ,together with a great selection of Counter Boxes.

All items are fully described and are guaranteed as genuine - your money is fully refundable, together with any other costs you so incur, if the item is found to be otherwise.

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